Philips OnSite Infant/Child Smart Pads (1 Pair)

SKU: M5072A-ABA Philips Ltd.

HeartStart Infant/Child Smart Pads are designed to be used only on children or infants under 8 years of age or weighing less than 55 Ibs. (25 kg). These pads instruct the responder, providing voice instructions appropriate for a pediatric patient. The energy of the shock is also reduced from 150 to 50 Joules (J), a far more appropriate dosage. The Infant/Child Pads cartridge is marked with an indication of patient weight and with a teddy bear icon for easy identification.

Due to the need for adhesive backing, defibrillation pads are a one-time use item and should be replaced IMMEDIATELY after any use or prior to the expiry date, which is listed on the package.

Product Stats

  • Surface Area: 25 cm (13.2 inches)
  • Cable length: 101.6 cm (40 inches)