About Martket Health

Martket Health is a licensed importer and distributor of Class I, II, III & IV Medical Devices (MDEL #12507) and distributor of Natural Health Products, specializing in the strategic sourcing of healthcare supplies and life-changing medical technologies. Our diversified product portfolio serves a broad range of consumers and healthcare professionals within the primary verticals of Government and Health Authority Procurement, Distributors of Health and Safety Products, and Health Service Providers.

Globally, Martket is proud to be a premier partner to leading manufacturers of innovative medical products for the treatment of cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, neurovascular, and aortic disease. Active in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities across Canada, Martket provides world-class clinical support, regulatory stewardship, and logistics management for leading patient care.

Martket Health is a division of Martket Branding Inc. Health Canada ID #154845.


Trusted by Health Authorities across Canada