Philips OnSite/FRX Battery

SKU: M5070A-ABA Philips Ltd.

NOTE: An additional Transportation of Dangerous Goods Charge of $25.00 will be included in the total shipping cost for this item, as required by Federal regulations.

This item is fully compatible with the following Philips AED models: In-Home (Model # M5068A) OnSite (Model # M5066A), FRx (Model #861304).

The Philips In-Home, OnSite, and FRx AEDs use a model specific Lithium-Manganese Dioxide battery.  These batteries are non-rechargeable & disposable (recyclable where accepted). Each new Philips In-Home, OnSite, or FRx AED package is provided with a 4-year battery directly from the manufacturer unless otherwise specified.

The standard M5070A battery has a stand-by shelf life of 5 years, an installed stand-by life of 4 years, or has a listed operating capability of 200 shocks.

Although Philip AEDs are designed to provide the user with both audible and visual warnings when a battery is at a crucially low level, it is important to make regular scheduled checks to ensure the battery is operating properly. Unfortunately, the AED battery is the most commonly overlooked depreciating item, which leads failure or the inability to function at the most critical time. A spare battery should be stored with the defibrillator. Additional batteries should be purchased for defibrillators used frequently for training and/or demonstrations.