Yuwell YT-1 Infrared Thermometer (Health Canada Authorized)


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Health Canada authorized medical device (authorization number: 314149)

The Yuwell YT-1 infrared thermometer measures a persons temperature without making contact to the persons skin.

  • Certification:IS013485 /CE /CFDA approved
  • Measurement range:32-43℃
  • Temperature unit:℃/℉
  • Dimension:149*38*42mm
  • Response time: 1 second
  • Auto shut off: 30 seconds
  • Measure distance: 0-5cm

Meet the new standard in thermometer quality excellence and ease of use with the Yuwell Infrared Forehead Thermometer. The YT-1 thermometer adopts a non-contact infrared measurement method to measure the body temperature by passively sensing infrared heat radiation collected from the human body’s forehead. Simply align the eyebrow position and press the power on measurement button to complete the measurement.


  • One-button operation with dual probe temperature measurement
  • Dual probe temperature measurement is more accurate, using American Amphenol thermopile sensor to collect hundreds of data per second
  • Measurement is accurate to 0.1 °C
  • Distance measuring probe uses real-time distance sensor to easily grasp the temperature measurement distance and prevent misoperation
  • High-definition LCD screen display, measurement results are clear at a glance, and have sound indicators
  • Sleek body grip and design for ultimate comfort of use
  • Measurement range 32.0 °C - 43.0 °C

Product model: YT-1

Power Supply: DC3V (2 x 1.5V AAA batteries)